4 challenges that online marketing are facing today

The dynamic nature of the online world and the speed of technological advancements create many hurdles in successfully running the business. It is prime that timely changes are made in the business model to keep up with the fast paced world.  Here is a list 4 major challenges that may come up during the running of a business and a how to deal with them.


  • Online media management:- the social media is a young platform and not everyone has their process figured out. An absence of a process along with weak content leads to major problems that the businesses face. The need is to start the campaign with the right process and strategy to overcome this challenge.
  • Multiple-devise usage: – Many times customers often make use of Facebook and Google using their different device and the business is unable to track the sales back to a particular one. An important thing to remember here is that any of these medium has played an integral part and thus this data should be intelligently used to convert search into a purchase.
  • SEO benefits: – It is time and again repeated that the value of SEO cannot be overlooked. Many businesses opt for website/web page ranking over SEO and that can be detrimental. It is important that SEO is made so that a person who is near you is likely to make a purchase compared to aiming for someone who miles away from business and will not even add to the revenue.
  • Mobile friendly presence: – The online mobile presence has gone up to 30% from 5% which says a lot. It is another problem faced by many businesses. Time requires that the website is created with mobile friendly content so that the customer is not lost. The nathaniellaurent.com could be a good source to help you here.

The problems are all related to adaptability. Business needs to understand that with the changing world they will have to change themselves. Rigid attitude or a blind eye can be detrimental in the process and thus one should be ready to grow as the business demands.