5 DIY Painting Tips That Every DIY Painter Needs to Know

DIY projects are one of the fastest growing trends in modern times. Similarly, DIY paintings are much popular now, and a great number of people are trying out their hands on such paintings. Some people choose to paint the walls of their house all by themselves, based on their unique choices. People with anartistic bend of mind also attempt such DIY paintings and can create extraordinary artworks.




Such DIY paintings need quite a number of considerations before being executed. Top 5 tips are as follows:

  1. One must purchase good quality paint as it will get applied better than other cheaper paints. It will also last longer as well as be easier to wash off. Good quality paint will therefore for almost 10 years, thereby not repainting it within 3-5 years.
  2. Preparation is the most important part of DIY paintings. Good quality filters should be used and a lot of time needs to be invested in drying them up. Enough time is required for proper sanding as well. These are essential, especially if one is using gloss paints.
  3. Don’t compromise with good quality brushes and rollers. Cheaper brushes and rollers will provide a patchy finish. Best quality of brushes is recommended as per one’s budget and washing them properly will make them last for many years.
  4. If molds are present, one needs to use mold killer or any household bleach to clear the walls before painting. The entire wall needs to be treated with mold killer and then wiped off with clean water.
  5. If one is not aware of the wall having oil based or water based paint, they can use some methylated spirit on a piece of cloth, rubbing it all over the paint. If color transfers to the cloth, it is water based and if not then oil based.

These tips will definitely help one to get a great DIY painting project done with ease. For more such DIY tips and tricks, visit www.youtube.com/wengie.