Mark Dubowitz on Iran’s War on Religious Freedom

Mark Dubowitz is the CEO of Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He mainly deals with the projects that are related to the nonproliferation and the sanctions on Iran. He is also a co-leader in the Iran Task force. The Iranian regime is in news in different times for different reasons. This time it is in news because of suspected bomber plot on American soil. Iran has not only been brutal to the people of other countries but also with people of their own country.

Problem faced by the Western government

The Western government is still not able to find out how to deal with the brutality of Iran. So another big concern is how the Western government is going to protect the Iranian people against their own regime. The native Iranians are still not able to practice their religious belief without the fear of facing murder or state persecution.

Mark Dubowitz

Reasons for the execution of Youcef Nadarkhani

An Iranian Christian named Youcef Nadarkhani was executed for questioning the existence of Islam as the predominant religion in Iran. This led to the arrest of as many as 300 Christians in the year 2010. He has influenced the US administration in a considerable way. He has talked to the foreign legislative committees and congress to review their decisions about providing economic sanctions to Iran.

Dubowitz about the Iranian judicial system

Mark Dubowitz says that it is very common for the judicial system of Iran to come up with new charges. They do this in order to blunt the criticism that they face for following repressive practices. Nadarkhani was incarcerated and arrested in the year 2009. This faced a lot of criticism throughout the world.  It is for this reason the Iran Supreme court has ordered a new trial for this person. However Iranian judiciary is not known for providing an impartial judgment.

Mark Dubowitz criticizes Iran for adapting a repressive attitude and tries to convince the US government to take up steps against such practices.

Way to Stupendous Digital Growth is via Way function

Are you up with a new product and waiting for the approval? Are you ready with the next revolution but are scared of reactions? Are you ready with a promising idea, however wary of the outcome?

This can be a tricky situation. The solution is easy.

Way function – the Way Ahead

Way function works at resolving the conflicts or friction. Whether the conflict of interest is between developers, teams, sales & marketing or investors, the resolution is served accordingly.

The frictions between two stakeholders arise because of a need to create a successful product. The arguments might be loaded with facts and genuine research, the key to implementation is an agreement on all the fronts.

Way function

How Friction is Reduced

Wayf(x) or Wayfunction works at a micro level to achieve harmony and synchronization.

  • It can be achieved via developing business strategies
  • Wayf(x) works with strategic stakeholders to reduce ambiguity around concepts and products
  • Way function team will also ensure that marketing blueprint is best suited, and the final product is devoid of any glitches.

Contribution towards Success

In any team, the key to success is the ability to trap the potential of every individual. This can only happen when:

  1. There is a sense of trust and respect
  2. There is no fear of mockery and disillusion
  3. Credit is given to the deserving contributors

In a day to day operations scenario, it becomes slightly difficult to achieve the basics and with larger picture in mind, teams usually overlook small yet significant factors.

Success has often been de coded as the art of collaborating with foes.

For Way function, the aim is to ensure that every key member contributes effectively and arrives at a logical decision. This is done without involving emotions and personal equations anywhere in the process.

So whether you own InsuranceCompany or look after the manufacturing segment of an automobile giant, the wheel of friction has to be smooth to achieve sustainable results. Get in touch with experts and see this happening fast.


Boost Your Kid’s Photography Skill withVTech Action Cam


The history of photography has always associated cameras as an article for the use of adults. The parents used camera to take pictures of their kids, but kids were not handed over camera to take picture of their parents. In the long years of history since invention of the camera, many developments took place in its design and many innovations were created. The digital camera we see today is its most modern profile. Today, cameras for the use of children of differentages have been launched in the market. These cameras have specific designs so that children can easily use them and these cameras can sustain rough handling by the children. These are usually waterproof and shock-proof.

AboutVTech Action Camera

The development of cameras for kids began in 1980s and 90s when both toy as well as camera manufacturers diversified their marketing to the cameras that were meant to be used by the kids. From a simple toy camera to sophisticated digital action camera, many different types were manufactured for the children. VTech Action Camera is the best one to use for the kids in the age range 4-9 years.It is usually like a Go Pro camera that offer beginning and photography learning experience. The best feature of this camera is its LCD display that make easy for the kids to take pictures without watching the frame so that kids are not confused. It is durable, versatile and mountable. Kids can also get entertained with its in-built games. Using this type of camera, kids can not only record videos but the audio clips as well.

Why should you buy VTech Action Camera?

VTech Action Camera is more alike an adult digital camera and have all good features of an advanced camera that develop photography skill in your kid and is much easier for your kid to use. Irrespective of its price, buying this camera is a good choice for your kid.




Foundation for Defense of Democraices Does Not Want Iran Sactions to Be Removed

Iran has undertaken a number of illicit activities in the past. However, The Islamic Republic of Iran still wants the financial sanctions to be removed. After the nuclear deal the White House has not imposed any major financial sanction on this country.

In fact in order to ensure that Iran abides by the nuclear deal, the administration is acting very liberally. According to the administration JCPOA is extremely important. In fact it is even more important than the act of violation of the human rights.

The opinion of Foundation for Defense of Democraices on Iran sanctions

According to Mark, in spite of the fact that Iran is continuing with its illegal affairs it still complains about the fact that its sanctions are not removed. Actual fact is that these financial sanctions were removed to stop Iran from undertaking any illicit activities any illicit activities.

So though the Iranians want the sanctions to be removed it should not be done. President Obama felt that the newly elected Iranian President might not abide by the Nuclear Act. It is due to this fear he contributed to the re-election of Hassan Rouhani. This is a major mess committed by him.

The JCPOA has contributed a lot and has helped Iran to come out of the Economic crisis that it was facing. If the sanctions on the frozen overseas assets are also removed then it would not be beneficial at all. In fact it would pose a threat to the security of the country.

Who is Foundation for Defense of Democraices?

Mark is referred to as one of the most important financial warriors and the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies based in Washington D.C. He has a lot of knowledge about the global network of Iran. He has a lot of information about terrorist attacks, missiles and cyber-attacks.

Foundation for Defense of Democraices started off his career as a lawyer. But today he is an eminent personality working towards achieving global security.

Gift Diamonds, To Strengthen Your Relationship

Historical Relevance

There is something that is present for a long time that we can remember and still in existence, towards the journey of future, which is most popular and wanted amongst the women and a majority of men. Rightly guess, it is about the jewelry and that too, Diamond Jewellery which anyone or everyone would love to own. Few decades ago, introduction of Lugano diamond has changed the style and statement of fascinating fashion.

Earlier, the trend of wearing jewellery was only prevalent over special occasions, festivals and functions, however the time has changed now and the people who love it wants to wear and use diamonds throughout , irrespective of place, occasion and environment. Lots of designs and categories are available in market, so that you can choose the best option available for you according to your liking. Different cuts, variations of weighs and Designs, decides the price of that particular piece of jewelry.

Wide Web And Quality

In addition to which, the brand name also matters a lot for the Assurance of quality, which a consumer is looking for. Lugano Diamond has established the brand, which doesn’t require you to do any research or think twice. The popularity of diamond jewellery is not restricted to any one country, however it exist around the globe. People from all ages love to possess and wear the diamonds.

Specialized Services

Lugano Diamond offers a wide variety of diamond pieces and jewellery, which varies from 1 carat to 5 carats in different shapes, sizes and patterns, with of course the variation of price as well. They have been meeting the Trends of the industry, since the beginning and keep changing themselves as per the changing environment of the market and the financial aspects of economy. As it contributes to the considerable portion, in the economical structure.

Shopping guidelines for mattresses

 You will find different tutorials online which will give you an idea on the steps that are involved while buying a good mattress. A valued choice will be with you for a decade or more than that. And if you end up with a bad one, you will spend more than you have bought it. But many people are hardly concerned and just blindly buy something. So don’t fall for any of the marketing techniques. Do your homework. Before buying anything get full details about it at and compare with other relative mattresses. So that now you can know what exactly the salesman is telling about. This way you can ask about informative things. So by knowing the below guidelines you will know basic information about mattress:

  1. Gather information: Read about the mattress at different forums and then know what are the types available and what to for. Mysleepyferret will give you all the detailed information about the mattresses. You can also find people reviews in the forum. It will give you an idea about people opinions and experience.
  2. Specify your budget: You can easily find good mattresses suiting your budget. So while stepping into a store is specific on what exactly you are looking for. This will help you in focusing on the good ones. Also specify the budget. This will help in eliminating some of the more choices. And sometimes if you are finding a valued one at a little higher price, you should go for it. Better the mattress, peaceful will be your sleep. So get it tested first.
  3. Visit local stores: If you are buying online, you can run into one of the outlets in your area. This way you will have an idea on what exactly you are buying. You can easily test it and buy the same online.

From Broken Screen Repairs to Any Other Parts, Find Your Solution Online

The internet is one place where one can find the solution to almost anything in the contemporary world. Smartphones, too, have become an essential part of the daily life. Its unusual marriage with the internet has empowered the human race to find all the solution with only a few touches. In such a scenario, it has become to take good care of such a commodity.

Right from the battery to the casing to the screen of the smartphone, each part of it is susceptible to damages. Hence, one needs to maintain the smartphones in order to smoothly run the day to day activities. The solution to these problems could be found with the smartphone providers, however, they charge exorbitantly. One needs to find a solution provider who can charge reasonably by offering the same solution.

Why to opt for genuine parts

In order to run the smartphones seamlessly, it is mandatory to provide them with genuine parts. A fake screen would be a temporary solution and the user would end up paying more in such a cases. Similar cases are attached with other parts as well, such as a battery, the casing, the charger, etc. Hence, one must opt for genuine parts that can provide the same experience as before.

Go online

The solution to finding genuine spare parts could be availed by going online. Movil crack is one such online provider that can meet these requirements. is one such site where the users can find the solution to broken screens of the smartphones, the damaged batteries, etc. of all the leading brands of smartphones.

People looking for genuine spare parts can avail their services at an affordable price, and run the smartphone seamlessly after the damage. This site has been known to serve a plethora of satisfied customers. One could call them a one-stop solution for all smartphone repair requirements.

Emagrecendo Helps to Follow the Plans Successfully

Emagrecendo helps to understand how to lose weight and lays out a concrete road map that can be utilized to effectively accomplish the goal. Detailed analysis and suggestions are available which are very helpful for the weight loss program. It always concentrates on the fact that all planning that is done during the beginning must be executed correctly and focus should be maintained at all times so that the desired objective can be realized. It is very important to understand here that the site encourages everyone’s ability to achieve their goals and hence every possible support is provided to ensure that weight loss is achieved satisfactorily by anyone who requires the support for it and hence the following points have been highly solicited by them.


  • Follow the diet and exercise regularly – Following a proper diet that is carbohydrate-less is very much required so that there is no accumulation of sugar in the body. At the same time regular physical activity is also needed which helps keep up the weight loss and fitness can go hand in hand. Inculcating a sense of daily exercise will gradually build up the mood and preferably, it should be adhered with. At times there can be days when a person may not feel to do exercise. Once a while, it’s understandable but it should not be made a habit.
  • Stay motivated – It is very important that a person stays motivated for the physical activity and has diet as per the diet plan so that there is no confusion and the weight loss program is achieved successfully. It is highly desirable to be in a positive state of mind regarding the program because if the mind is certain of achieving its target, the body is deemed to follow the instructions, which, in this case, will benefit the individual so that the health, energy and self-esteem can take a leap.

All these points help to follow the plans effectively.


Know the sergers well before placing an order!

Choosing a new machine to work with has always made it tough for us all to select. The latest additions by the brands, the new technology, and tough use and of course the designs always confuse us making it more difficult to choose one. But the beauty of it all is that you are always treated with something forward and updated. And so when choosing the Serger for yourself you do not want to take a risk with the old models! Sergers help you stitch clothes and create new designs and so the models have to be new and worthwhile. Today you can get to know about the latest models on

Read the reviews before buying

Purchasing anything online has its own cons too. When you think of buying a new gadget or machine chances are that you haven’t used them before and so have no or little idea about its personal usage. Reading the best serger reviews shall help you evaluate your choice by letting you compare the features with the latest models, analyzing the specifications of the products and also a thorough analysis on the personal experience of the people who have used the same model already. The reviews help you understand about the experience people have had by using the same machine and thus make a decision upon other’s experiences.

Know it from the experts

Of course nobody explains technology better than chosen experts. And so the has all of their reviews put up by enthusiasts and experts of the field to best explain the features of serger, their relevance today, the technology used and the way it shall ease stitching the clothes. These experts know that you have been contemplating purchase of new Serger and choosing the best from the market is mandatory and hence they try their best to help you with choice.

Organize team building activities at a trampoline park

Office work is quite important in our lives. We spend almost every day in our workplace interacting with our colleagues, and it should be encouraged to include team building activities in an office Working as a team is always better than being dispersed, and it also helps in creating a better environment to work in. Activities can range from group discussions to parties, but you can arrange a fun event at a trampoline park to make everyone happy and nostalgic about their childhood. You can find places like jump altitude by searching about trampoline parks near you.

How will a trampoline park help in thebetterment of work environment?


  • Jumping and playing around in the park will help your employees have a good time and this will make them more comfortable with their colleagues.
  • The free space in a fun environment helps the people open up, and they will easily communicate with themselves making personal relationships and friends.
  • The more friendships and better understanding people have in a group the better will be their bonding.
  • Work does stress everyone out and a fun day at a trampoline park will loosen them up, and they will really feel light after the activities.
  • Fun activities also make them happy in their workplace, and they will trust the company more and have good feelings about them.
  • A trampoline park will also help them realizethe need for exercise and fitness if you arrange a fitness course for them.


How to organize the event at a trampoline park?


Look around the internet for trampoline parks near you and choose one that will be convenient for everyone. Talk to the park about the accommodation that you will need and about any further queries that you may have. There are several sites like provided personally by trampoline parks to help you out.

Now Get Clash Royale Gems with Clash Royale Hack Free Online


Playing online games are always in craze among people. Whether it be children, teenagers or adults it’s fascinating for all. But when the time comes for pay-n-play it sometimes really becomes frustrating and confusing. You become so much addicted to the game that it sometimes doesn’t matter much to pay a considerable amount. One among such games is Clash Royale. Though it’s not entirely a pay-n-play game, but yeah, it requires buying gems, golds and elixirs. These gems and cards help to compete with opponents and reach the next higher level in no time. So now you can get Clash Royale Gems Free online.

Clash Royale Gems

But, why to get Clash Royale Gems with Clash Royale Hack?

If you are passionate about gaming, you must be aware of the hassles related to winning over your opponent. Unlocking higher levels and its features and getting those gems and cards.

Any gamer knows well that there are mainly three ways by which you can acquire the gaming resources. They are by playing the game and qualifying for the next higher level or paying a tremendous amount to buy the gaming resources (gems, gold and elixirs) to be eligible for the next level or by using a variety of hacking tools available online free.

How to get the required gaming resources?

  1. If you have enough time and patience, you can choose an entirely free way of reaching the next higher level of the game, i.e. by just completing the game levels. This option is very time taking as you need to achieve all the required levels with limited gems and cards. But if you don’t want to spend on your gems then it’s the best option for you.
  2. If you lack patience and time, the best option which you follow is pay-n-play. This pay-n-play option solves your problem of time. Here you can reach your next higher level of the game using paid gems and cards. In the beginning, you will find it exciting and fast, but in no time it will empty your pocket as these gems and cards are quite expensive.
  3. The third and the best option to choose is that of using online hacking tools. They are not only free but make your gaming experience fast and hassle-free. You can get all your gaming resources by just logging in into the hack account.


But before using an online hack account just keep in mind that you can come across many file download options which contain various viruses and malware which can cause harm to your operating system. It can even ban your account.

So, whenever trying for a new hacking tool remember these tips well for a hassle-free gaming experience.

Things to Know About Insurance Portability through Candor Insurance Blog


People in today’s world are spoilt for choice whenever they go for purchasing any products. The same should be the case when people are choosing health insurances for themselves. The Candor Insurance Blog can help you to make your decision. People are nowadays more inclined towards getting the insurance, hence more and more companies have come out with their policies. You should immediately abandon the services of a company if you find them to be not performing to your satisfaction.


With the aid of insurance portability, you will be able to transfer your health insurance policy from one provider to another. In this manner you can always go from a poor service providing company to a good one. Hence the companies will always remain alert and not take things for granted. There are some grounds on which you can port your policy and they have been discussed here.

Candor Insurance Blog

Porting reasons

If you are not getting the same kind of service from the company as you were when you first took the policy, then you can of course port. Often it is seen that companies promise the customers more than they can afford to provide.

More benefits

If you think your present needs have changed and you need more cover, then getting a better insurance is a must. If another company is providing better insurance at the same cost, then you will of course go for that company. This is because you will get additional benefits from the deal.

Often general insurance providers also provide with health insurance. If that is the case, then you can get your insurances from companies which especially provide the health insurances. Visiting, will make everything clear for you. Your needs will always be looked after better by companies specializing in providing with healthcare policies.

Essential Benefits of MLM Programs for Great Business

Though MLM programs are ruling in the business sector from last thirty years, recently the popularity has touched the sky. Having a business means you need every means of marketing. To give your contemporaries a tough competition and to boost up your business, you need strategies. MLM programs from reputed service providers like Nathaniel Laurent can speed up your business, and you can reach very easily to your target consumers. Let’s find out how these programs facilitate your trade.

Advantages of MLM Program

This program is quite effective for many types of businesses as the risk factor is quite lower here.

  • For every start-up, a certain amount of risk is always included, like wastage of money and time. But, while you are in MLM program, you can start your business with any amount of money and go for marketing the products you are selling.

nathaniel laurent

  • Another advantage of MLM program is that you market for those products which you use by yourself. Therefore, you are sure that the product is of good quality and now, you can assure your consumer about it.


  • You also become sure that you can provide value to the consumers who use your product. And once your consumers are satisfied with the product, they will come back. And a business can touch the sky if its gets repeated customers along with the new ones.

How about residual income? After all, you have to pay your bills every month, and the amounts there are not fixed always. Therefore, the biggest advantage of MLM program is that here you get the opportunity to have residual incomes to pay your bills. There are lots of other benefits that you can get from MLM program if you contact experienced companies. Websites like will enlighten you more on this issue.

Now buy instagram views of real persons

Social media has now developed into very an alternate of the real world. The virtual world has taken over our lifestyle to a great extenct. Even a celebrity or a local leader is considered if he or she does not have good number of likes / views / followers on his or her social media account. As a surprising fact, many parties / groups only invite persons with minimum instagram follower count to their events. Sometimes, it generates requirement of buy instagram views online with the help of service providers.

Instagram views are purchasable

Not everyone manage to get enough followers and likes on their photos or videos posted on instagram. Most of people follow more profiles as compared to how many profiles follow them. This makes them look a sidekick. To overcome this common problem of looking an infamous person, many people choose to buy instagram views for their published media. Yes, it is completely possible and even ethical. Many publicity agencies provide this service for some set base charges. These charges might depend upon your choice of targeted audience. Getting robot fake views is cheaper but it enlists your profile in black list due to smart AI of social media coding. Whereas, getting real person views is a better choice.

buy instagram views

How to buy instagram views

You can simply google for same keyword and get a list of various different companies offering this service. This is where you need to be smart. Look in details of every offer and see if the service provider is getting you real person views or computer generated number of instagram views. You can compare different offer prices and view counts to see which one is the best option as per your budget. You can shift to another service provider if you don’t like what your previous digital marketing company offered you.

What Does Vtech Kidizoom Action Camera has to Offer?

If an individual is looking for a on the go camera at an extremely affordable range, there are high chances that he or she is definitely going to come across this option. The vtech kidizoom action camera is without doubt one of the best picks at its range. This is an extremely good option for photographers in the sports field who are a bit too low in budget. In addition to this, it is even a nice choice for parents whose child is demanding a camera of some sort.

vtech kidizoom action camera

What are the features one can expect from the vtech kidizoom action camera?

When it comes to the vtech kidizoom action camera, there’s a lot that the consumers can expect. Some of the major benefits of opting for this product are discussed in details below:

  • The price factor is something that most individuals consider at the time of purchasing this product. Such good quality pictures from a camera at such an affordable range is something that definitely draws the attention of the consumers.
  • Light weight is another key aspect of this product. Hence, one thing is for certain that this product is extremely handy as far as its use is concerned. This in turn helps in ensuring that the product can be carried anywhere and everywhere.
  • Though the internal memory of this product isn’t very high, it supports a memory card till thirty two GB which is more than sufficient as far as pictures and videos are concerned. So, make sure that you get a memory card at the time of purchasing this product.
  • Time lapse is another amazing benefit of the vtech kidizoom action camera. This recording option lets an individual take pictures continuously after regular intervals of time. This is something about these cameras that isn’t present in any other cameras at this range.