Bluetooth Waterproof Portable Speaker

Summers afternoons are as wonderful as the bright sun is, but speaking of wonderfulcomes to those pool parties or just a party with your friends by the pool. It can also be just two people by the pool enjoying something cold, something sweet, food and music. Speaking about music, a speaker would possibly be damaged the moment some water is splashed on it by mistake. So, it is important for us to think of an alternate and i.e. a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can carry around.

These speakers are widely available onĀ ,and one can even select from a range of funky colors for the best splash and party vibe. Some of the major features of these speakers are what makes them so great.

mug womp


  • Sound: The sound of these speakers are power packed, and you cannot judge them by their size, as small as they are, they have amassive amount of energy to boost those loud songs in the exact way it is played on a loud speaker. They have the 360-degree surrounding option, so the sound is also distributed.
  • Waterproof: This is the first aim of these speakers, they cannot be destroyed with water, you can even play them on water, and they will play as smoothly as ever. They are IPX7 waterproof, and the music is played safely!
  • Bluetooth: The speakers are connected to your devices with the use of Bluetooth, and thus there is no requirement of wires either. This way you can play it by keeping your device 100 feet away too. The Bluetooth makes the connection even better.
  • Battery: The battery life of these speakers is commendable. It stays up strongly for about 10 hours for every single time you charge it fully. Without any interruptions, you will be able to listen to your favorite

This is all that you need to know about these speakers. They are easily available in mug womp,Get yours before your next party!