Daily Living – Basic Personal Hygiene keep illness at the bay

Good Personal hygiene for good health and personal care

Good personal hygiene is one of the most significant ways to shield ourselves and minimize the risk of infection and illnesses. Good hygiene not only protects individuals from health disturbance, but also protects all from all sorts of diseases. Personal hygiene habits pertain to systematic routine in living daily. It means washing not only our hands as well as body and brushing and flossing your teeth will alleviate oneself from bacteria and viruses.

Personal Hygiene- Good Grooming

When you want to enhance your living conditions and minimize the level of infections, some personal hygiene to be followed.

  • Daily shower and brushing

Freshness to breath boost your confidence level. Bad odor in your mouth turns as sewer rat and the day will end up as a mess. Similarly, you should take bath and cleanse your body because research reveals our body is persistently shedding skin. Bathing is very crucial for health and sanity in living daily.


  • Wash your hands

Infections generally pop up through unwashed hands. Rinsing your hands with soap or hand wash before and after eating, after using toilets, after handling animals or pets, after blowing nose or sneezing, after touching waste or garbage, keeps off from spreading bacteria and viruses at a bay.

  • Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is a healthy sleep habit that promotes good sleep and is important for overall health and happiness. Getting good sleep is really essential for maintaining good hygiene. When we have insufficient sleep, we have lack of concentration, forgetfulness and mood goes cranky. Recommended sleep hours is 7-9 which every individual should try to follow to avoid health issues such as memory loss, insomnia, heart disorders etc.

Proper hygiene and good eating habits always improve the look and feel of oneself. Proper grooming in livingdaily wards off from illnesses and shields us from infections and promotes good health.