How Rustic Pathways Is Changing the Norms of Education One Step at a Time

Rustic Pathways is an organisation founded in the year 1983 that aims at incorporating travel and community service into education. Helmed by Chris Stakich, this organisation had its humble beginnings in Australia. Under Stakich’s skilful leadership, Rustic has developed into a giant and spread its root across the world in over 15 countries.

 Why should you choose Rustic?

If you are taking a gap year from studies and have no idea what to do with the time, rustic pathways reviews can definitely help you to choose them. The main objective of Rustic is to propagate studying while travelling. Promoting various philanthropic activities, it is a sure shot way of making your time worthwhile.

Rustic employs over 500 people and currently has more than 60 students working in various distant villages worldwide. The qualities of integrity, passion, global responsibility and teamwork are honed while lending a hand at Rustic. It has students helping the local communities to prosper while travelling across the countries. The amount of positive impact on both students and local people is boundless.

rustic pathways reviews

Goals to be fulfilled by Rustic:

With this initiative, there are a set of goals that Rustic Pathways strive to achieve. These are-

  • Embracing new ideas

Students are encouraged to incorporate their day to day experiences into a lifetime of knowledge. This is a way of helping oneself while helping others.

  • A common spirit

A rustic pathways reviews helps students realise that all the people in the world are connected by a sense of compassion. Operating along the lines of- “United we stand, divided we fall”, it imparts the lesson of embracing diverse cultures.

  • Positive impact

Using each student’s talent for the greater good. The sense of doing random acts of kindness to aid the bigger picture and spread positivity all around.

  • Empathy

To be aware of one’s privileges and understand others’ sufferings. Rustic teaches that to try and improve even one person’s life is a big deal.

All in all, this organisation is aiming to nurture students into better human beings to make the world a better place!