Lists make life much easier and better

Do we really need lists?

The top ten mistakes of my life, movies you must watch before you die, the 10 best smart phone in the market, the list of things to do before you die; we love our lists; the top ten or zehnbesten as the Germans call it. From the trivial to deep philosophical thoughts and tasks, lists seem to make everything easy.


zehn besten


The world is a huge place with billions of people and billions of things to do. It is thus impossible for us to keep track of everything that is worth doing and that you want to do or experience in your lifetime. They say sometimes that lists are for control freak, that one should live in the moment and lists make things too planned and boring. That is not true; lists are what make life fun in the first place. If you do not know what are the exciting things that you need to do right now, how will you do them then? Lists lay it out right in front of you. It tells you what are the things that are out there for you to do; it does not tell you how you want to go about doing them. The destination is laid out to you by lists, the path that you choose is completely up to you.

Lists can help you find the best things

Whether it be purchasing a new phone, watching a new movie or undertaking a road trip to a lesser known place or trying to adventure into unchartered territory, if you have a list of the best options available to you, you can know where to start. And once these lists set you off on the path, it is up to you as to how you want to go about treading that path. The list does not dictate what you do, it simply gives a goal for you to strive towards. So logon to if you want to find yourself some great lists.