Mark Dubowitz on Iran’s War on Religious Freedom

Mark Dubowitz is the CEO of Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He mainly deals with the projects that are related to the nonproliferation and the sanctions on Iran. He is also a co-leader in the Iran Task force. The Iranian regime is in news in different times for different reasons. This time it is in news because of suspected bomber plot on American soil. Iran has not only been brutal to the people of other countries but also with people of their own country.

Problem faced by the Western government

The Western government is still not able to find out how to deal with the brutality of Iran. So another big concern is how the Western government is going to protect the Iranian people against their own regime. The native Iranians are still not able to practice their religious belief without the fear of facing murder or state persecution.

Mark Dubowitz

Reasons for the execution of Youcef Nadarkhani

An Iranian Christian named Youcef Nadarkhani was executed for questioning the existence of Islam as the predominant religion in Iran. This led to the arrest of as many as 300 Christians in the year 2010. He has influenced the US administration in a considerable way. He has talked to the foreign legislative committees and congress to review their decisions about providing economic sanctions to Iran.

Dubowitz about the Iranian judicial system

Mark Dubowitz says that it is very common for the judicial system of Iran to come up with new charges. They do this in order to blunt the criticism that they face for following repressive practices. Nadarkhani was incarcerated and arrested in the year 2009. This faced a lot of criticism throughout the world.  It is for this reason the Iran Supreme court has ordered a new trial for this person. However Iranian judiciary is not known for providing an impartial judgment.

Mark Dubowitz criticizes Iran for adapting a repressive attitude and tries to convince the US government to take up steps against such practices.