Myths about weight loss

You will find lots of advices on internet. And if something doesn’t work for you, you will develop the misunderstanding that it is just a myth. Emagrecendo suggests that not all methods will work for everybody. You will have to figure out what is your body type and what should work for you. Here are some of the biggest myths about weight loss that people often hear about:

emagre cendo

  1. It’s not possible to lose weight: it can be tough but not impossible. has various ways to get the ideal body. You will have to be more focused on dieting and exercising and you will be able to lose the body fat. It has been seen that people who are disciplined has lost weight by just following basic things like eating up breakfast, being active, exercising and adapting healthy lifestyle.
  2. Exercise can make you fatter: Well people believe so because exercising can increase your metabolism and as a result you tend to eat more thus no change in weight. Metabolism plays an important role. You have to train your body to handle its hunger. You can make it feel full by eating the right food.
  3. All calories are equal and you have to look like you have lost some weight: you have to keep record of your calorie intake. The calorie in soda may be more but it will gradually make you crave for more food. Whereas just a handful if almonds will make you feel full and thus help in your weight loss. And you don’t have to look slim in order to lose weight. Most of the time, you may be losing the fat contents. The constant weight maybe due to the muscle gain when you exercise.

You must be disciplined about dieting and exercising to achieve the ideal weight.