Serger or Sewing Machine – An analysis

People love sewing machines because of the best job over casting the edges of the garments but serger does the same job with more professional look which is pretty awesome. So what is Serger? Serger is a great tool to add to your sewing room where you can do the casting and trimming in one quick and you will have an elegant finish. You can identity a best serger with to have a broader vision on sergers.

Difference between your sewing machine and a Serger

As you sew serger does an overlock stitches and cuts off the excess fabric which is so awesome and will leave with a good finish so you will have a feel that it is created from the store. You will not have this feel with the conventional sewing machine. There are yet many more functions that a serger perform when compared to a sewing machine. When you look to buy one for yourself or a gift look for a best serger review to identity your suitable serger.


Why Serger better choice than Sewing Machine

Serger are more precise than a sewing machine and hence is a top choice in the market with its capabilities and price. Feedback from users and owners provides you an excellent guide to choose serger over sewing machine. Serger get its love with its user friendly functionality and unblemished stitches. Furthermore, sewing machines does not handle all the fabrics in the same fashion so when it comes to stretchy garment the finishing does not look pleasant. Sergers are much cooler to use than a sewing machine and it’s more durable and efficient in lot many ways.

Final Conclusion on Sergers

Making a final decision on serger over conventional sewing machine invariably depends on various aspects and best serger review. Users provide excellent reviews on its professional looking finish and in built knife system.