Struggling To Find About Various Academic Information? – Get Guidance Here

Malaysian education system has APDM system. This feature comprises the student’s data about attendance and all over proficiency. This system helps teachers to over view a student’s performance in all subjects. This database gives relevant information about different examinations to a particular student according to his criteria. 6 years of educational system was compulsory for pupils till 2014. But from the next year 5 years of academic sessions are compulsory for all.


APDM is best known for its integrated functions. Some sites like have this provision for students as well as teachers. Various government educational officials can keep track of a students’ class schedule and his help him inform about his classes and exam dates. This is mainly used in SAPS namely School Examinations Analysis System so as to provide guides about assessment dates to the kids.

How to Change Class Schedule?

One can change the class timings by applying his/her personal data in various sites. He just needs to fill up an online form with his own records and submit it. Then he has to select the preferred timing for his class and submit. A notification through mail will generate in the students’ id and he there he would get his required schedule and timings.

How are these Sites Helpful?

  • Teachers of different institution can contact with numerous students through these online sites.
  • Tutors can consult with the students about their academic performance and attendance.
  • Educational governors can keep vital records of tutors and their levels of teaching.
  • Saves a pupil’s time to search out information about academic fact and take negligible time to convey database messages to them.
  • Provides fast registration and entrance to any institution. They engage students by updating them about their daily school performance.
  • Provide information about secure schools to the beginners.