YouTube as a Marketer – Useful Information:


One of the most popular services the YouTube networks want to provide is the expansion of the channels and videos. The so-called Audience Development. In the course of this, the channels and videos are optimized; the cooperation for cross-promotion with other YouTuber and the interaction on YouTube is promoted as well as YouTuber for the optimal use of their channels trained.


In addition, the YouTube network wants to reach higher revenues for YouTuber. In contrast to YouTube, the network markets the individual YouTuber as well as individual channels and videos specifically and not “only” the entire platform. With targeted product placement and marketing as well as the use of YouTuber as testimonials, revenue is expected to rise. The organization of these measures is taken over by the respective YouTube network.

Interest in the advertising market

By joining a YouTube network, the YouTuber can become more interesting for the advertising market. Networks are the direct point of contact for the brands and take this work by helping in the design and selection of a suitable YouTubers. The advertising partners can advertise through the networks in an environment that promise more security because of the careful selection and monitoring of YouTuber. Networks take over a guarantee for “their” YouTuber. The YouTuber are available for the networks so that a more targeted advertising is possible by product placement and promotion within the channel and strong brand integration. The security and effectiveness created by networks increase the value of marketing. In this way, higher revenues can be achieved.

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